Ashtanga Flow

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Discover Ashtanga Flow, a tribute to Ashtanga Yoga!

Ashtanga Yoga – or Ashtanga Vinyasa Krama -is a style rooted in classical Indian yoga that focuses on

  • breath
  • asana (postures)
  • dristhis (points of focus)

An Ashtanga class is characterised by set sequences and the use of Bandhas (energy locks). Sun Salutations and Vinyasas (breathing and movement systems) are performed as part as an Ashtanga practice.

My Ashtanga Flow classes are a liberal take on a modified version of the Primary Series or an Ashtanga-based Flow sequence. The poses are broken down and demonstrated. Following a fixed structure, the classes open with Ashtanga-style Sun Salutations and move through fundamental positions, standing poses, seated poses and a finishing sequence. Using Ujjayi Breath to build heat and detoxify the body, the postures are held for a count of five inhales and exhales. A movement meditation, Ashtanga Vinyasa is also a very strong and dynamic practice that gives you focus and boosts your energy.

With Ashtanga Flow, I’m keeping most of the traditional poses from the Primary Series of the Ashtanga Syllabus. The format has been adapted to be more accessible and fit in a one-hour class.

Ashtanga - or literally, the eight limbs of yoga