Vinyasa flow

True Revolution Yoga

Vinyasa flow is a modern style of flowy yoga that has no set sequence and borrows poses from various styles, enabling creativity and playfulness. It’s currently one of the most popular styles worldwide.

Vinyasa flow can come in a variety of sub-styles, such as

  • power yoga
  • slow flow
  • warm/hot vinyasa flow

In Vinyasa flow, each movement is connected to breath and the sequences will include Sun Salutations.

Depending on the sequence, Vinyasa flow can help you

  • work your core
  • strengthen your upper body
  • challenge your balance
  • open tight hips or tight hamstrings

In an open Vinyasa class, there will always be options offered to beginners or students working with injuries as well as for more advanced or flexible practitioners, so this is a very inclusive practice.